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At Ultimate Window Tinting, we are your exclusive XPEL-certified dealer in Vancouver, WA, offering top-tier paint protection film/clear bra services. Our dedicated team ensures your car's pristine finish is preserved with XPEL paint protection film, shielding it from road hazards, scratches, and environmental damage while maintaining its original aesthetics.

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How It Works

Protective Film
Clear Bra is a highly effective protective film. Once expertly applied to your car, it serves as an impenetrable shield against permanent paint damage caused by road debris.

Ultra-Durable Urethane
Crafted from ultra-rugged urethane, clear bra combines strength and resilience. Despite its robust properties, it maintains a nearly invisible presence, ensuring your vehicle's aesthetics remain intact.

Comprehensive Coverage
Clear bra covers all vulnerable areas of your vehicle, including the hood, mirrors, door handles, rocker panels, front bumpers, and more, offering comprehensive protection.

This remarkable protective film is built to last, with a lifespan of approximately 7 to 10 years, often exceeding the duration of car ownership for many.

Efficient Installation
Installation, including the necessary drying time, typically takes around 24 hours, depending on your desired coverage.

Minimal Maintenance
With our expert knowledge and resources, maintaining your paint protection film is hassle-free, allowing you to enjoy long-lasting results.

XPEL: The Industry Leader in Paint Protection

At Ultimate Window Tinting, we take immense pride in being an XPEL-certified dealer, offering our customers the pinnacle of automotive paint protection. XPEL is a recognized industry leader known for its unmatched excellence and cutting-edge technology, crafting paint protection films that provide exceptional durability, clarity, and self-healing properties. With extensive coverage and a focus on longevity, XPEL ensures all vulnerable areas of your vehicle remain safeguarded.

Our partnership with XPEL reflects our commitment to delivering top-tier products and services, aligning perfectly with our dedication to excellence. When you choose Ultimate Window Tinting, you not only get the finest protection for your vehicle but also the assurance of a trusted XPEL partner, ensuring unrivaled quality and long-lasting performance.

Paint Protection Film Packages

  • Covers the part of the hood, fenders, bumper, mirror backs, door cups, and edge guards.
  • Covers the entire hood, entire fenders, bumper, mirror backs, door cups, and edge guards.
  • Covers the entire painted surface of the vehicle.

XPEL Paint Protection Film Options


ULTIMATE PLUS™ delivers an impeccable high-gloss finish along with cutting-edge impact resistance, preserving your car's beauty and integrity in the face of daily wear and tear. It’s XPEL flagship film—at only 8 mil— a nearly invisible urethane layer that shields your vehicle's paint from daily wear and tear.


Innovative Self-Healing
ULTIMATE PLUS™ introduces pioneering technology with its heat-activated self-healing topcoat, effortlessly erasing minor scratches and swirl marks upon gentle heat application.

Unrivaled Clarity
Its exclusive film formulation guarantees uncompromised protection, resisting yellowing from UV exposure, perfect for preserving clarity and aesthetics over time.

Stain-Resistant Shield
Concerns about discoloration or stains caused by contaminants are a thing of the past. ULTIMATE PLUS™ upholds its flawless appearance, even in challenging conditions.

Complete Surface Protection
Say goodbye to worries about gravel, oils, bug acids, bird droppings, and potential paint chips. ULTIMATE PLUS™ repels these hazards, ensuring your vehicle's surfaces stay impeccable.

Enduring Brilliance
ULTIMATE PLUS™ acts as a barrier against rock chips, nicks, and scratches.

Reliable Edge Seal Technology
Eliminate concerns about lifting and delamination. Edge Seal Technology guarantees film adherence while providing an effective barrier against contaminants.

Effortless Upkeep
With ULTIMATE PLUS™, maintaining your vehicle's pristine appearance becomes effortlessly simple.


Boasting a satin-smooth texture, STEALTH™ guarantees the effortless preservation of your matte, magno, frozen, or frosted vehicle, all while presenting the exciting possibility of transforming your gloss paint into a strikingly sleek new appearance.


Sleek Satin Finish
STEALTH™ boasts an exclusive satin finish seamlessly harmonizing with most factory flat paint jobs, effortlessly blending into the surface. Whether your vehicle's paint is matte or glossy, STEALTH™ imparts a consistent, smooth satin texture for an outstanding aesthetic.

Self-Healing Capability
This film's advanced clear coat properties empower it with self-healing capabilities, effectively erasing minor scratches and swirl marks when exposed to heat over time.

Effortless Maintenance
Flat finishes are notoriously demanding to care for, but STEALTH™ simplifies the process. You can wash and dry your car without compromising its exquisite sheen.

Warranty & Durability
STEALTH™ is backed by XPEL’s industry-leading 10-year warranty and offers the same exceptional impact protection as ULTIMATE PLUS™.

Tailored for Custom Applications
STEALTH™ serves as the perfect choice for enhancing gloss aero or carbon fiber elements while safeguarding factory flares, splitters, and trim pieces.

Seamless XPEL DAP Integration
Seamlessly integrated with XPEL DAP (Design Access Program), STEALTH™ is meticulously designed for precision, ensuring comprehensive compatibility with our pattern repository.

Special Film Orders Available Upon Request

While our standard offerings include ULTIMATE PLUS™ and STEALTH™ films, we are happy to accommodate special requests for other XPEL film options. Talk to our team to learn more about your options.

Your Vehicle, Our Expertise: Ultimate Window Tinting's PPF Service

At Ultimate Window Tinting, our unwavering commitment to excellence and our exclusive use of high-quality PPF materials, including XPEL, ensure that your car's paint receives the ultimate protection it deserves. With our team of experienced and continuously trained installers, you can trust that the installation will be performed with precision and care, delivering long-lasting results that stand out in the industry—and on the road.

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