XPEL Clear Bra versus 3M Scotchgard: What’s the difference?

A car is a valuable investment that you would like to protect and maintain its aesthetic look. But no matter how well you wax or wash it, some things like chemical stains and small scorches can cause permanent damages to the car’s paint.

That’s why paint protection films, commonly known as Clear Bras, exist to offer maximum protection to your car.

A paint protection film offers comprehensive car protection from the harsh external effects we experience on the roads. It keeps your car safe from scratches, rock chips, or debris that might affect your car’s appearance and decrease its value.

There are two popular players in the paints protection film industry: XPEL and 3M. As trusted industry leaders, these two brands will give you peace of mind with their quality and affordable paint protection films.

But because they are two distinct brands, differences will always be there. We will discuss both options to help you choose the most suitable for your needs.

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XPEL Paint Protection Films

XPEL is a leading supplier of protective films and coatings, including protective surface automotive film. XPEL is still a young company compared to other prominent players in the industry, but it has built its name because of its high quality and specialization in making paint protective films only.

Since its establishment, XPEL has remained a leader in innovations, which is why you have probably come across good reviews over the internet. One of its innovations is XPEL ultimate, which was introduced into the market as the “world’s first healing film.”

3M Scotchgard Paint Protection Film

The 3M Corporation makes 3M Scotchgard paint protection films. 3M is one of the oldest companies in the PPF industry, which has built a good name for itself following its incredible innovations and quality protection films. 3M Scotchgard is a high quality protection film that you can use for your vehicle despite its make.

Similarities between XPEL Clear Bra and 3M Scotchgard

XPEL Clear Bra and 3M Scotchgard have many more similarities than differences. Before looking at the differences, let’s first explore the main similarities these two products have.

1. They Are Scratch Resistant

Scratch protection is the primary reason why you may need to invest in a paint protection film. You are safe in using either XPEL Clear Bra or 3M Scotchgard because they are scratch-resistant. They protect your car’s paint irrespective of the harsh environmental impacts on your car.

2. They Are Durable

You don’t have to worry about replacing your paint protection film with XPEL Clear Bra or 3M Scotchgard. These products can both last for more than seven years, so your car maintains its beautiful look for an extended period.

3. They Offer Invisible Protection

Both protection films are invisible, so they don’t interfere with the natural features of your car. This is a great advantage compared to some versions, which quickly turn yellow when exposed to sunlight.

Key Differences between XPEL Clear Bra And 3M Scotchgard

They are both of great quality and have a user warranty. Here are three distinct differences to help you make the right buying decision.

1. Self-Healing Properties

XPEL Clear Brand outperforms 3M when regarding self-healing properties. Even though 3M was the first company to enter the clear paint film industry, XPEL manufactured the first-ever self-healing film, which means that a scratched surface looks new shortly, even after a scratch.

Of course, we don’t mean that the 3M films don’t have self-healing features. 3M Scotchgard has excellent self-healing properties, but XPEL Clear Bra comes first.

2. Warranty

Both XPEL Clear Bra and 3M Scotchgard come with a warranty, so you are safe buying either of them. However, the warranty for XPEL Clear Bra is much more extended (10 years) than that of 3M Scotchgard (7 years). If a warranty is your primary consideration when buying a protection paint film, you can consider buying the XPEL Clear Bra.

3. Price

Price is the primary consideration buying a paint film as it helps you know whether you will afford it or not. XPEL Clear Bra comes with a relatively higher price than 3M Scotchgard. Nevertheless, you can always compare the prices offered by different dealers to get the most suitable price for your budget.

XPEL vs. 3M: Which Do I Choose?

Back to our main question for the blog: which is the best?

Both XPEL Clear Bra and 3M Scotchgard retain their transparency for an extended period. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either of them, so you can be confident in buying XPEL Clear Bra or 3M Scotchgard because they won’t turn yellow. They are also durable, and they come with a warranty.

But, which one do you choose? Which is better 3M or XPEL?

The decision boils down to your personal preferences because both products are good quality. They both come from reputable industry leaders, so they have almost “equal capabilities.”

Nonetheless, you can ask yourself a couple of questions before making your final decision:

1. Is the manufacturer name important to you?

Some people are loyal to a specific brand and will stick to them irrespective of the price or quality of products. If you are such a customer, you can go with the particular manufacturer of your choice.

Do you need a company that has been in the industry for a longer time? That would be 3M. Do you need a company that exclusively focuses on paint protection films? That would be XPEL.

2. What does your installer recommend?

You might have the best paint protection film, but if the installation is wrongly done, you won’t enjoy the benefits of your film. That’s why you should consider the experience of your installer. An experienced installer will help you decide on 3M vs. XPEL ppf based on your needs.

Are You Ready To Protect Your Car’s Paint With XPEL Clear Bra Or 3M Scotchgard?

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