Automotive Tinting


Ultimate Window Tinting films not only block 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays, protecting your skin and the interior of your vehicle, but they are also designed to prevent glass from splintering if shattered. And, it can help lower the inside temperatures by several degrees.



Everyone knows window tint provides a sleek, cool look. But that's not all.

Modern, technologically advanced window tint products do so much more. They:

  • Protect your vehicle's windows from scratches and dings.
  • Prevent harmful UV radiation that causes interior fading and skin damage.
  • Resist aging. No bubbling, peeling, or fading like the window tint of yesteryear.

We are proud to offer XPEL PRIME window tint products that are more durable, protective, and resistant to the past. With an expert installation from our team, they are above and beyond the window tint you know.



Window tint provides cutting-edge protective capabilities and lets you customize your vehicle's aesthetic value.

Stop by our shop and talk to an expert about the variety of tones and shades we provide. We'll help you find a tint option that perfectly suits you and your car.

window tint installation


Save the tan for the beach; stay confidently protected while you drive. 

Reduce skin damage and interior fading caused by UV rays. XPEL PRIME window tint prevents up to 99 percent of UV radiation from entering your vehicle, protecting your interior from UV damage. It protects you, too: It limits your skin's exposure to damaging UV radiation.



You know how hot a parked car can get.

Heat builds up dangerously when your vehicle sits in direct sunlight, especially if you have a dark interior. XPEL PRIME window tint prevents this by blocking as much as 98 percent of incoming infrared heat, keeping your vehicle at a safe and comfortable temperature.

Cool internal temperatures reduce your air conditioning needs and improve your gas mileage.

XPEL PRIME manages all this while being free from metal particles, preventing radio, cellular, or Bluetooth interference.

Window Tint Frequently Asked Questions

Film is applied to glass through a prep and install process.

Average cost for tinting varies upon size of job and vehicle. Prices can vary from $99-$699

Yes, It truly functions as a provider of protection but also adds an aesthetic factor.

It usually only takes 3-4 hours from check in to completion.

There are many videos online but my advice is leave it to the professionals they’ve been trained for many years to achieve a quality install.

Always do your research when looking at tint. Some companies claim to have great service and products but seem to fall short of providing their customer with a good product. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality install with the highest quality films, and that’s why we chose Xpel. They are the leader in Automotive Protections products.

In the state of Oregon they’re several laws: Passenger Car Law, by which ALL windows have to be no less than 35%. And Multi Purpose Vehicle Law (Trucks and SUV’s), by which windows rear of the driver and passenger can be any darkness, but front driver's and passenger have to be no less than 35%.

You can tint all your windows except the windshield.

Each manufacture have many different shades, but the most common shades are 5%,15%, 20%, 35%, 50%, 70%

The percentage is a measure of how much light is let in through the film. You can visit any shop and they should carry a hand held meter that can measure the percentage of tint you have.

Typical factory tint on a domestic vehicle is 20%. Some import vehicles have slightly higher shades.

We always recommend going with a legal shade. But darkness is based upon personality.

There are so many manufactures in this industry, but we've sifted through all the gimmicks and exaggerated claims and have turned to Xpel. They offer the best films on the market. Between the longevity, durability, and heat rejection, they have it all. Xpel offers the highest heat rejection in its class at 98%. Most competitors are only in the 60-70% range.

All of our films have a lifetime warranty.

Use a non ammonia based cleaner and clean towel.

Wait about 5-7 days before cleaning and washing the vehicle.

Remove and Replace.

Yes, Windows can be removed and retinted.

Yes, with or Ceramic based films can greatly reduce the heat by 88-98% heat.

Ceramic particles that filter out the sun's infrared radiation, making them more effective than traditional metallized or dyed films.

Tinting your windows does add security to your vehicle holding the glass together in case of a crash or accident.

"Privacy glass" is a factory term which simply means "tinted".

When it comes to having your windows tinted, we are very passionate and that’s not just due to the cool factor. Window film can greatly reduces harmful cancer causing elements such as UV rays, sunlight, and heat. It also makes it harder for thieves to smash and grab your personal belongings. Last, but most importantly, is the security factor for your family (whether it be humans or pets). In the case of an accident, the film can hold those sharp shards from entering into your cabin upon impact.



No matter what you're looking for, we're sure to have a window tint option for you.

Ultimate Window Tinting offers a wide selection of high-tech window tint products, providing you with the options you need to protect your vehicle while maintaining and enhancing its aesthetics. Take a look at our gallery, or contact us at to speak with a representative about our window tint products today!