Is Paint Protection Film on a New Car Worth It?

You just bought a new car, and you can’t wait to hit the road with it. Congratulations! It’s sparkling from the outlook, and you wish it retains that sparkle for as long as it takes. Seems like a fantasy, huh? Not really! You can implement certain measures to ensure that it remains as new as possible, including washing it regularly or applying a ceramic coating on the exterior. But what if you grow tired or lack the finances to perform these steps, considering that they’re energy-intensive and require time plus money?

That’s where paint protection comes into play! Paint protection film is a urethane cover usually applied on the car’s exterior to protect it against harmful agents like UV rays, scratches, debris, bird droppings, rock chips, etc. Getting your new car wrapped with a paint protection film is an ingenious and cost-effective way of preserving its original sparkle in the long run.

Let’s face it, though; people usually buy cars for different purposes, and whether or not a paint protection film is worth the investment depends entirely on personal circumstances. Perhaps unsurprisingly, people view their cars differently in terms of how long they plan to keep them, how they should care for them, how they expect them to appear, etc. But generally, if you want peace of mind knowing that no matter how harsh the atmosphere or the roads are, your car will retain its original glow, then a protection film is worth it.

Here are the top five reasons you need to get paint film protection for your new car:


Paint Protection Film Helps Retain the Car’s Resale Value

Reselling a vehicle to upgrade or raise funds for an emergency is common among most car owners. When that time comes, you want to reap maximally from the deal, right? Well, the only way of setting the best price for your secondhand car is to maintain it while it’s still in your possession.

Picture this: there’s a similar car with the same mileage as yours, but it lacks paint protection film, meaning it has more exterior defects than yours. Needless to say, this car (without protection film) will have a much lower resale value, which may be a loss to the owner. The key takeaway here is that a car with paint protection film has a higher resale price since (save for the mileage) the new owner will receive it as though it were coming from the showroom.


Paint Protection Film Enhances Pride and Enjoyment

Admit it; there’s no better feeling than when a random stranger or friend commends how sparkling your car looks. Beyond that, simply walking up to the glistening view of your vehicle is a fulfilling experience enough, wouldn’t you agree?

What’s more, getting your car wrapped with paint protection film eliminates any worries of driving your car down a sketchy road and having it damaged with rock chips, droppings, debris, etc. The idea behind the paint protection film application is to give you the exact thrill you had the first time you bought the car; only this time, you’ll experience the same feeling every day. The peace of mind you get knowing that your vehicle remains protected from countless threats you may encounter every time you hit the road also never goes unnoticed.


Paint Protection Film doesn’t Change Your Car’s Original Color

You’re probably wondering, “won’t the paint protection film take away the original look of my car?” The short answer is, NO, it won’t! As the name suggests, the film only serves the purpose of protecting your vehicle’s original paint. You won’t even notice the wrapping as it is crystal clear and overly thin.

No wonder it’s called Clear Bra – it’s practically invisible to the naked eyes, and your car will retain the brilliance it had before the film wrapping. And for what it’s worth, the exterior will appear even more sparkling as the ultimate window tinting experts usually decontaminate and polish the surface first before covering it with the film.


Paint Protection Film Maintains Your Vehicle’s Quality

When the car is new, you want to devote yourself to all the standard practices of maintaining its original showroom quality. These include frequent cleaning and waxing, safe driving, and parking in risk-free areas. This may leave you questioning whether spending extra bucks on paint protection film is worth the investment.

The hard truth is, regardless of how well or regularly you implement the healthy maintenance practices, road debris and other unwanted particles will still return you to square one. On the flip side, getting your new car wrapped with paint protection film provides next-level defence by creating a permanent barrier between external impurities and the exterior paint. The Clear Bra also assumes the role of an anti-aging agent, preserving your vehicle’s original paint quality to decelerate the depreciation rate usually caused by rusting, discoloration, cracks, etc.


Paint Protection Film Makes Car Cleaning & Maintenance Easier

Did we mention that paint protection film repels dust to ensure that there’s no dirt build-up that can cause paint discoloration? Well, now you know! Cleaning your car’s exterior when the film’s installed is much easier, and you no longer have to worry about hitting the road during windy or rainy seasons.

Furthermore, you can save massively on car wash fees and water bills as you only need a bucket of clean water and a soft cloth to clean the vehicle. This also saves lots of time and energy you’d spend removing dirt build-up on the hard-to-reach areas.


Over to You!

Now that you’ve discovered the benefits of having your car wrapped with paint protection film, what’s next? Are you still going to have your new vehicle endure the environmental and road risks like mud, dust, rock chips, and bird droppings? Or will you take the next step and have a professional install the film on your car to eliminate all the risk worries associated with hitting the road? Think of the ease of cleaning the vehicle, maintaining its resale value, preserving the quality and paint color, and many more benefits. What could be a more worthy investment?

Don’t let this opportunity pass;¬†get in touch¬†with one of our experts today, and let us help preserve your car’s original sparkle and quality!