A Side to Side Comparison of Nikola Badger vs. Tesla Cybertruck

The introduction of electric pickup trucks has caused so much heat in the automotive market. One of the upcoming companies that seem to be competing with the well-known electric pickup brands such as Tesla and Rivian R1T is Nikola. Surprisingly, the company is named after the same person behind Tesla, and from the look of things, it does not come to play.

Nikola recently introduced the Badger pickup truck, which is expected to make an official debut during the Nikola World 2020 happening in December. While the reveal brings a lot of excitement and mixed emotions to car lovers, one of the major concerns is whether the car will compete with Tesla Cybertruck.

Both Nikola and Tesla have done a great job by introducing the battery-powered electric pickup trucks. Unlike diesel and gas-powered vehicles, electric trucks do not emit any pollutants when driving, making them the best selling vehicles in the U.S.

Nikola Badger and Tesla Cybertruck seem to be worlds apart, but they have a few common aspects. If you do not like how the Tesla Cybertruck looks, perhaps the conventional appearance of Nikola Badger will be appealing to you. Besides the appearance, here is a comprehensive side to side comparison of the Nikola Badger vs. Tesla Cybertruck to help you make a sound purchase decision.

The Price: Nikola Badger vs Tesla Cybertruck

So far, Nikola has not revealed the vehicle’s exact price, and people are only working with approximates. From the assumptions, the Nikola Badger is likely to be a bit expensive than the Tesla Cybertruck, considering that it is new in the market and the hype that comes with it.

Nikola will be releasing the Badger in two versions, a 300-mile battery-electric vehicle, which is the main focus in this article, and a fuel-cell Badger. The electric pickup will be starting at $60,000, with incentives included. The second version, which will be using a combination of hydrogen fuel and electric battery, will be starting at $80,000 after incentives.

This is quite a high price compared to the Tesla Cybertruck, which stands at $39,000. The 300-mile model starts at $49,000 retail price while the 500-mile version starts at $69,000.

Dimensions: Nikola Badger vs Tesla Cybertruck

Nikola Badger exceeds Tesla Cybertruck in length and width. The former features a length of 5,900mm and a width of 2,160mm. Tesla Cybertruck, on the other hand, is 5867.4mm long with a width of 2006.6mm. Tesla Cybertruck wins when it comes to height and bed width with a height of 1905mm and bed width of 1981.2mm compared to Nikola Badger’s height of 1850mm and bed width measuring 1560mm.

From the dimensions, it is evident that the two trucks are nearly identical in size, with the bed width as the only significant difference. This makes Cybertruck the best option in this case, especially if you are looking for a vehicle that can accommodate a large family and cargo at a go.

General Specs: Nikola Badger vs Tesla Cybertruck

Nikola Badger features an acceleration of 0-60mph in 2.9 seconds, a 455 continuous horsepower powertrain—the speed peaks at 905 horses and a rotating force of 980 pound-feet. The vehicle is characterized by an independent motor setup and a towing capacity rate of 8,000 pounds.

The electric-battery version offers a range of 300 miles, while the hydrogen fuel-electric battery combination offers 600 miles of range. The vehicle is characterized by a digital instrument cluster and touch screen infotainment system, not to forget that it has a power outlet where you can run plug-in tools for a long-lasting experience without the need for a generator.

Tesla Cybertruck, on the other hand, features three truck versions, all of which feature different range, drive, speed, acceleration, and price. This makes it easier for buyers to choose their preferred configuration as per their needs and budget.

The Cybertruck versions feature 250, 300, and 500 miles range with an acceleration of 0-60mph in 6.5s, 4.5s, and 2.9s, respectively. The speed peaks at 800 horses and has a towing capacity of 3500 lbs payload. You will love the truck’s towing rating, which stands between 7.5k to 14k lbs and features an adaptive air suspension that facilitates ride height adjustment.

The exterior storage measures 100 cubic feet, which is big enough to accommodate bulky goods. Even better, the vehicle is characterized by full self-driving features and autopilot mode as the standard.

Operation: Nikola Badger vs Tesla Cybertruck

The Nikola Badger truck depends on a two powertrain operation approach. It uses both a battery-electric system and hydrogen fuel cell to cover a 600 miles distance. Subsequently, the Cybertruck only depends on an electric battery for power. This translates to a more complex propulsion system for the Badger compared to Cybertruck.

Final Thoughts

It is hard to give a full comparison of Nikola Badger vs. Tesla Cybertruck at the moment. Nikola Badger is yet to make an official debut, and the stated characteristics are just a concept. Things might turn out differently after the reveal, but one thing for sure is that the manufacturers are trying hard to beat the competitors. They will strive to offer the best electric truck version with a range of at least 300 miles. This means that it will be a great competitor of the Tesla Cybertruck, and we are here for it. However, some features in the Tesla Cybertruck, such as the full self-driving features, are unbeatable, and Nikola will have to try harder to reach these standards.

Also, the price of the Nikola Badger is still much higher than the Cybertruck’s. This, plus the Autopilot as standard and Self-Driving features, puts Tesla Cybertruck in an advantageous position to win the heart of consumers.

Consumers will have to wait for Nikola World 2020 event when Nikola presents the truck prototype, and then they can make a sound decision based on the accurate comparison. For further guidance, contact us at Ultimate Window Tinting and let us guide you to make the best purchase decision depending on your needs and budget. We also understand that vehicles are a significant investment, and we aim to help you protect that and give it a facelift with our unmatched clear bra and window tinting services.