Now Is A Good Time to Buy A Car | What Each Car Manufacturer is Offering in 2020

There are various things you need to consider when buying a car. On the other hand, most individuals imagine that this is not the best time to consider acquiring an automobile. If you are in that category, you need to reconsider the idea because major car manufacturers are making this period a great time to purchase one.

The pandemic is indeed causing the economy to tend towards a halt, and auto dealers are suffering the impact of the current situation. The good news is that automakers are piling on incentives for new cars as well as leases in some cases. That implies that taking advantage of such offers as a potential car buyer can help you land a deal that you may never find in normal circumstances.

Here are details of some of the manufacturers offering hot deals on new cars at the moment.


You can access a payment waiver of up to $750 for six months through Volkswagen Credit after losing your job due to COVID-19 as a new car buyer. Zero-percent interest loans for up to 60 months for certified pre-owned vehicles are also available through Volkwagen’s lending arm.

Also, Volkswagen Credit is allowing new buyers to defer payments for up to six months. That is in addition to offering zero-percent APR loans for up to 72 months on particular new Volkswagen models.


You can access up to three months and 0.9% APR for up to 60 months on select new Mazda models if you acquire one through Mazda Capital Services. If you are a returning owner, you can qualify for a $1500 credit for the purchase or lease of any new car.

Jaguar and Land Rover

If you are planning to buy 2020 Jaguar and Land Rover models or the 2021 Jaguar F-type, you can get zero percent APR for up to 72 months as a new buyer thanks to the Jaguar Land Rover Financial Group. Additionally, specific buyers can defer payments for up to three months, which is part of the offerings from the lending institution.


Buyers with a top-tier credit history can now enjoy zero percent interest on loans of up to 84 months through GM Financial. On the other hand, new-vehicle buyers have the option of deferring payments for up to four months, and this offer applies to particular GMCChevroletCadillac, and Buick models.


If you are a buyer with a top-tier credit history, you can access zero percent interest on loans up to 84 months, including three months of payment deferrals through Chrysler Capital. Also, note that the offer is for select RamAlfa RomeoJeepChryslerFiat, and Dodge models.


New car buyers can get three months of deferred payments in addition to $500 for purchasing or leasing specific Acura models through Acura Financial Services.


Three months of payment deferrals and zero percent interest loans for up to 72 months is what Infiniti Financial Services is offering on all Infiniti models for buyers with a top-tier credit history.


The lending arm of Nissan, which is Nissan Motor Acceptance, is offering a payment deferral of up to three months. That is in addition to covering payments for two months for new vehicle buyers.


New buyers can enjoy deferrals for up to three months through Subaru Financial Services.


Ally is the preferred financing source for Mitsubishi motors, and the former is offering payment deferrals for up to three months for new car buyers.


You can access up to three months in payment deferrals through Maserati Capital as a new buyer.


If you want to take advantage of an offer of $1000 toward the purchase or lease of a specific Honda model, or you are a new car buyer looking for payment deferrals of up to three months for a Honda car, then, Honda Financial Services is the ideal option for you.


The lending subsidiary of Ford, which is Ford Credit, will make three of your payments, and after that, it will offer you three additional months of payment deferrals.


You can get payment deferrals for up to four months with zero percent APR for up to 75 months thanks to Kia Motors Finance.


If you are thinking that buying a car at such a time as this is beyond your reach, an assessment of the details above may prove otherwise. Also, it is not possible to hide the fact that uncertain seasons or eventualities can present opportunities in one way or another. That is especially true over this period when automobile manufacturers are offering attractive incentives, which are enhancing the potential of owning the vehicle of your choice.

Also, it is not clear how long these offers are going to remain available to new buyers, return clients, as well as those with a top-tier credit history. That implies that taking advantage of the incentives that vehicle manufacturers are offering over this period as soon as possible can attract savings in one way or another.

Players in various sectors are focusing on finding ways of recovering from the current economic slump. Adopting appropriate strategies is one of the ways to make that a possibility, and carmakers appreciate that fact. On the other hand, potential vehicle buyers are prioritizing savings in addition to gaining value for their money.

These objectives are, in part, the reason behind the provision of attractive incentives by various automobile manufacturers as they seek to boost sales going forward. Also, the revival of the auto industry will largely depend on finding a balance between profitability and responding to the current demands of clients in light of the pandemic.

Individuals who take advantage of the incentives that car manufacturers are offering will not only play a part in economic recovery, but they may also enjoy the most bang for their bucks in the process. Other car models that are not available in the list above had excellent offers earlier on. That does not imply that you are out of options.

The details herein have multiple car brands for you to choose from, and trying out a new one is not a bad idea. If you need more information on whether it is an opportune moment to purchase a vehicle, contact us today!